Osprey Device Networks Corp.
Osprey Device Networks Corp.
Saving you time and money managing Point-of-Care medical device and app "fleets"

Remotely managing fleets of devices across a community, a region or around the world?

Osprey delivers best-in-class functionality for remote fleet management of medical devices, medical apps, and other devices deployed in the field.

Here’s how Osprey can work for you.


For early stage companies, cloud services, fleet management, device up-time, data management and interoperability are complex, costly issues.

An “out of the box” configurable solution can accelerate time-to-market and allow you to focus on your core value-add.

Osprey enables you to deliver best-in-class fleet management functionality for decentralized healthcare devices, all for a monthly fee per connected device - with no long-term commitment.


Osprey Features

  • Remote Quality Management - Monitoring and troubleshooting device failures, maximizing up time and reducing service costs.

  • Remote Configuration Management - Updating software and settings automatically, extending functionality of their devices, without the need for a service visit.

  • Remote usage tracking - Monitoring usage patterns, test results, consumable supply levels, and more, enabling health system and provider management.

  • Integration with Electronic Health Record Systems - Meeting regulatory and customer demands for data exchange with hospital IT, and health information exchanges for devices deployed across the community, and even within hospitals.

The software that underpins Osprey enabled real-time fleet management of medical devices deployed to remote clinics all across Africa, India, and Latin America; we relied on it to meet client and regulatory demands.
— Adam Liederman, (Former) VP Operations, Fio Corp.
  • Designed for POC medical devices, Android medical apps and any devices deployed in the field.

  • Osprey is deployable “out of the box”, a fully configurable and customizable cloud connectivity middle-ware solution.

  • Features proven in challenging deployments across Africa, India and Latin America; Osprey can accelerate your time-to-market.

  • An expanding road-map of fleet management modules will continue increasing value to you.

  • Contact us to let Osprey show you how.

Get started immediately and take advantage of Osprey's time-limited 50% discounts off montly and per device rates.

No long term commitments, just a commitement to get you up and running quickly.